Hello, I’m Hayley.  Through my business, Soul Passion I primarily work as a Healer and Spiritual Teacher, enabling change at the heart and soul level through powerful programmes and courses which blend practical coaching, healing and psychic guidance. I am an expert in emotional healing.

I hold a Psychology degree BSc (Hons) from Goldsmith’s University and am qualified as an Atlantean Healing Master, Advanced Soul Plan Practitioner, Soul Transformation Therapy Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach and Fear of Success Coach. 

I am also an Artist, having exhibited throughout London and my artwork is held in private collections globally including, Australia, India and The Netherlands. 

Trained in TV presenting I enjoy sharing my knowledge through television and public speaking, especially around love, living from the heart and the congruence of science and spirituality.  I have contributed to a range of productions and my painting Grace was aired on BBC2’s Show Me The Monet. 




For many years I had been searching for my Soulmate, and been unsuccessful in love. In what now feels like a previous life, I was a ‘Dating Expert’; I won a reality series called ‘Around the World in 80 Dates’ for Wedding TV and even worked as a match-maker for a high-end dating agency but love just wasn’t happening for me.
I had got to a critical point of unhappiness around my love life and felt that something must be holding me back…

My frustration, led me to Blaire Alison’s website AKA The Love Guru… I was intrigued and emailed her.   Blaire was based in Florida, USA but she happened to be in London for two weeks so our first meeting felt serendipitous to say the least!
I continued to work with Blaire remotely over the next few months and the healing work we did together was a catalyst in awakening me to my spiritual gifts; I soon came to understand that I had always had the psychic gift of Clairvoyance (clear sight) and further spiritual gifts of Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Claircognisance (clear thought) soon began to develop.

Through the work we did together, I was reconnected to the real me!
In one of our healing sessions, Blaire shared with me that she thought I would be doing similar healing work to her, helping singles effortlessly attract ‘the one’…
Well, I didn’t believe that could be possible… at that point in my life I was working full time in a nine to five office job in the City of London alongside creating and selling my artwork and trying to get my foot in the door as a TV presenter!

Since my activation with Blaire, I  felt compelled to read and train extensively in the field of personal and spiritual development, now a life-long passion.  It was through my own learnings and healing that I finally released the fears that had been holding me back from allowing a loving relationship into my life and part of my work is helping others do the same.

I am delighted to say I have been in a committed, loving, soulmate relationship with my partner Dave since 2015.

If my words resonate with you, and you’d like to find out more about potentially working together, view my services or contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

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