You’re in the right place if you’re looking to commission bespoke art for your home or office and especially if you want it to have an uplifting, healing or unifying effect within your environment.

If you have always thought about commissioning a piece of art but have concerns that the process might be intimidating or you don’t know how to articulate what you want… (perhaps you don’t know what you want yet!)

Rest assured that by the end of our free consultation you will be clear on your requirements with a shared vision that supports your intentions and environment.

If you already have a very clear vision, as a versatile artist I will help you bring that to life! 

An example of a corporate commission is ‘Transformation’ depicted in the images on this page which was accompanied alongside a healing, intuitive statement.


The canvases Hayley produced for us captured the essence and spirit of each area. Working from the brief we gave her she produced 3 beautiful and very different styles of art that demonstrated the diversity of the Company and what we do.

Helen, QVC

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