Atlantean Healing is a powerful angelic energy healing modality which helps bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.  This healing session will also give you an opportunity to receive intuitive insights and psychic guidance to help you navigate life with more joy. It was the first healing modality I trained in and I can honestly say it transformed my life and have since worked with clients using this beautiful modality for well over a decade.  

No matter where you are located in the world, you can receive Atlantean Healing distantly from the comfort of your own home.  You will not just receive healing, you will also receive psychic insights and guidance which I receive intuitively for you during the session and this guidance will be relayed to you once the healing is complete.  

Atlantean Healing can help so many areas, from easing anxiety and emotions to speeding recovery post surgery.  You also don’t need to have a ‘problem’ to receive Atlantean healing, this can also be viewed as part of a self care routine and some of my clients receive monthly healing to help them feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Atlantean healing is similar to Reiki but operates at a slightly different vibration or frequency. 

I would definitely not hesitate to recommend Hayley’s Align to Soul programme to anyone who is struggling to find a direction in life.
Immediately upon discussing my Soul Plan she was able to answer a specific question I had regarding my life that no one had been able to answer before. 
Hayley’s interpretation into my soul’s journey was amazing and accurate, being able to explain why I have experienced many difficult challenges and obstacles. 
I found Hayley very down to earth and approachable and even now, she continues to communicate with me in order to offer further support.


“Hayley is hugely talented and gifted. I have been having distance healing with Hayley for about 8 months.   I look forward to my sessions as they make me feel relaxed & focused. It’s like I get to charge my batteries.
Her insights and visions are accurate, interesting & inspiring. I will be the first to admit I was a little dubious to start, however the benefits of a session soon became obvious to me.
I would highly recommend Hayley for distant Spiritiual healing sessions. I feel very lucky to have found her and the benefits have been both physical and mental. Thanks Hayley


“The thing I love about Hayley is she doesn’t judge you at all.  She completely disarms you, which really does put you in a position of being able to relax and dig deep.  I have found my sessions with her life changing”


“Hayley’s Soul Plan experience has given me an enriching insight into myself and my path, past, present and future.  The wording is crystal clear, the concept is extraordinary as it is accurate. 
So much of what Hayley has identified already resonates with me and I can think of many instances that match what is shining through my Soul Plan.
Work, interests, relationships. There is so much to explore and the Soul Plan is a wonderful way to look forward to life’s journey with heart, joy and excitement. Thank you Hayley, this is a keeper!”


“Immediately after each healing session I felt very relaxed, calm and soothed. After just 2 sessions I felt my mind had much more clarity and I was able to make a big life changing decision which I struggled with for 2 years. Thank you Hayley!”


I was single for many years and the ALIGN TO LOVE Course enabled me to create a really powerful relationship.
I was previously attracting the wrong kinds of relationship which didn’t allow me to grow as a person but in my relationship now I can express myself clearly and it now feels really easy! 
This course had such a natural flow, I especially loved the healing meditations and was so supportive in many areas of my life, not just relationships.  I shifted the relationship to myself in a really big way, got clear on the kind of relationship I wanted and how I wanted to be in relationships.  If you’re on the fence about joining, don’t hesitate!


I can highly recommend Hayley’s healing. She picked up on where I needed healing most, but what I didn’t expect was her to pick up on my feelings, emotions, hopes and dreams. It was absolutely remarkable, she was spot on! Hayley truly has a gift.”


“The ALIGN TO LOVE programme has been so good for me.  The light switches to understanding have gone on, the patterns and behaviours identified, dealt with and peeled away and an appreciation of my true self found. Hayley has worked magic on me. Through her programme and guidance I have found unconditional love and acceptance of myself.
With my new knowledge I feel stronger and better equipped to face the years ahead as me and myself being capable and OK. I can now look on the previous years as being the path to an improved self and love of myself. 
Some of her healing techniques work better than taking pills! Much love and gratitude from me for finign Hayley and benefitting from her special gifts.” 


“Hayley’s ALIGN TO LOVE programme was a really supportive process for me in exploring what I want from new relationships in my life.
It enabled me to challenge some of my deep-seated beliefs about myself, to build my self-esteem and to begin to create a more joyful life. Hayley was incredibly in tune with what I needed in each session. 
There were laughs, tears and a lot of reflection – time was spent where it was needed…I felt completely safe and encouraged every step of the way. I feel like my spirituality has had a real awakening as part of this work. Thanks Hayley – highly recommended!”


“It was like someone had read my deepest innermost thoughts and feelings and finally created a sense of clarity for me in my journey of life.  Thank you Hayley.”


The canvases Hayley produced for us captured the essence and spirit of each area. Working from the brief we gave her she produced 3 beautiful and very different styles of art that demonstrated the diversity of the Company and what we do.”

Helen, QVC  

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