“Akasha” is the Sanskrit word for “ether” from which the term “Akashic Records” is derived.  The Akashic records are an infinite energy field, an omnipresent energetic database that contains information about all that is, including you and me!  In the book, ‘Science and The Akashic Field’ Ervin Laslo describes the records as ‘the enduring record of all that happens, and has ever happened, in the whole Universe’.  

By tuning in to your Akashic Record, I access any ‘past lives’ that may be holding you back or blocking you from fulfilling your potential.  As we bring conscious awareness to what was previously unconscious a profound healing takes place and consequently dissolves the corresponding limiting pattern/s playing out in your current life.

During Your Akashic Reading you will also come to understand your unique Soul Signature or Soul Frequency, this essentially reveals the ‘type of soul’ you are and with this knowledge you can make peace with yourself and focus on being who you came here to be!  

During the reading you will receive:

  • Guidance around question/s you may have about particular life area/s.
  • Knowledge, healing and insight around any relevant ‘past lives’ and ‘life themes’.
  • An understanding of your Soul Frequency/Signature.
  • An activation to support you in expressing your authentic self.





Hayley is the most calming, kind human and there is no judgement or negativity around your past or your feelings.   I felt healed, that is all I can say. The problems I was working through have minimised to almost nothing. It’s like the memories are lessons not burdens. I take this with me through new obstacles in my life and I thank her hugely for this.
I think everybody should experience this  – it is amazing, you can’t explain it, but she takes you through a small journey of how magnificent our universe is and why we experience the things that we do. I really mean that. Thank you Hayley.”


“Thank you Hayley for a very insightful Akashic record reading. It has helped me to learn so much about myself on a deep level.
Discovering blocks brought through from a particular past life made so much sense and it was wonderful to allow these blocks to be released and to be aligned with my unique soul frequencies during the guided meditation.
Afterwards I felt much more aligned to my path in this life and more confident to take the next steps along it with much more clarity and purpose.
I found the whole thing so interesting and I have learned so much.
10 out of 10 Hayley! I will definitely be recommending your Akashic record reading to my friends.”


“I loved your insight and your intuition. You are a true gifted healer. It all made perfect sense to me. The most important thing I learned was to always act with love and integrity and never give up on my true self.   I have noticed now that I am more aware of my caring nature and I am calmer.
My health is slowly improving where I have stopped my pain meds and just have some if and when needed.
I would give the Akashic Reading a 10 out of 10 and definitely recommend to anyone”


“Hayley’s energy is wonderful, true and extremely honest. My session was amazing. So much was released, things I didn’t even think could be, therefore what I hoped the end result would achieve, it absolutely did.  The reading provided me with insights I’ve been looking for, Hayley’s ability to take me along on the journey and paint a detailed picture adds value which I wasn’t expecting. I would 100% recommend Hayley without hesitation. She’s an absolute gem!! I am extremely grateful for attracting Hayley as my Akashic Record Reader. Just the most perfect and right choice!” Sajida


“I didn’t know what to expect from Hayley’s Akashic Reading and was a little nervous about what I may discover but I needn’t have been nervous because Hayley is very calming. From the moment she started the reading I felt relaxed and this made me enjoy the experience even more. Hearing all what Hayley had discovered about my past lives was absolutely incredible.
It was so insightful to hear about one of my past lives in particular which I realise I have brought trauma through into this life. The reading has helped me to feel more at peace with myself; understanding the reason I am the way I am.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone, even if you are just a little curious. Thank you Hayley, you truly have a gift!”


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