With an Akashic Records Reading you:

  • Receive guidance around question/s you may have about your current life.
  • Free yourself from subconscious sabotaging patterns from past lives.
  • Understand your Unique Soul Frequency so you can focus being more of who you are!
  • Receive deep healing around past life trauma and a powerful activation to your unique Soul Frequency.
  • You’ll receive a recording of your reading.

An Akashic Records reading is a unique, invaluable experience and could be the healing key you’ve been searching for to support you in embracing your next phase of life.

I am based in the UK but work with clients on-line globally.  Your reading will take place on-line as a video meeting and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time on completion of payment.  

Please read the description below for further programme information:


Akashic Records Reading –  Understand and Release Past Life Trauma.  Align to Your Soul Frequency and get clarity about pressing issues around your current life – with Hayley Felton (Via Google Meet) What’s included:

  • Your 60-90-minute Akashic Reading Session held online is prepared in advance of the session.
  • Guidance around question/s you may have about particular life area/s.
  • An understanding of your Soul Frequency/Signature.
  • You will understand the past live/s and life themes that are relevant to current life challenges and you will receive a profound healing to release any past life trauma.
  • You will receive a beautiful healing and activation so you can more fully integrate a new joyful way of being, in alignment to your unique Soul Frequency so you can express more of your authentic self.
  • You’ll receive a recording of our session so you can listen time and time again whenever you need to.

“I booked Hayley to do my Akashic Reading. I am very interested in the spiritual world and wanted to get more in tune with my feelings. I also needed some healing due to stress and anxiety so thought I should give this a go. “Hayley is the most calming, kind human, you can naturally completely relax in her company and there is no judgement or negativity around your past or your feelings. She sets a calming environment with beautiful smells, sounds and surroundings and I couldn’t wait to get started. I loved the depth that Hayley went into, how she went with her feelings and stopped to try affirmations that came to her as we went along. Hayley taped the reading so that I can listen whenever I need to and the tone in her voice helps you to stay calm and relaxed and she somehow explained it all so well so that I, as a layman, somehow understood what she is doing and why and how it will help me. I always remember the visuals she sent me away with, they will be imprinted in my memory forever, whenever I see a similar scene or picture to the visuals, I took from the reading it immediately calms me. I found it amazing how you carry your past lives with you and how they can help you in your current life. I felt healed, that is all I can say. The problems I was working through have minimised to almost nothing. It’s like the memories are lessons not burdens. I take this with me through new obstacles in my life and I thank her hugely for this. After the reading – I said to Hayley “I think everybody should experience this” – it is amazing, you can’t explain it, but she takes you through a small journey of how magnificent our universe is and why we experience the things that we do. I really mean that. Thank you Hayley.”  Lindsey “Thank you Hayley for a very insightful Akashic record reading. It has helped me to learn so much about myself on a deep level. Discovering blocks brought through from a particular past life made so much sense and it was wonderful to allow these blocks to be released and to be aligned with my unique soul frequencies during the guided meditation.  Afterwards I felt much more aligned to my path in this life and more confident to take the next steps along it with much more clarity and purpose. I found the whole thing so interesting and I have learned so much.10 out of 10 Hayley!  I will definitely be recommending your Akashic record reading to my friends. Thank you” Lesley. “Hayley’s energy is wonderful, true and extremely honest. My session was amazing. So much was released, things I didn’t even think could be, therefore what I hoped the end result would achieve, it absolutely did. Hayley has the ability to make you feel safe, secure, calm and incredibly warm, when she gave me my reading I felt transported to the lives which came up for unblocking. While she was talking though the situations, I found them incredibly relatable, as my existing behaviours and I felt I unlocked deep seated memories. Since the reading I have given great thought to our session, each day I use the thoughts to mindfully make the changes I desire. I doubt I would have done so much positive work without the help of Hayley and this reading. The reading provided me with insights I’ve been looking for, Hayley’s ability to take me along on the journey and paint a detailed picture adds value which I wasn’t expecting. I would 100% recommend Hayley without hesitation. She’s an absolute gem!! I am extremely grateful for attracting Hayley as my Akashic Record Reader. Just the most perfect and right choice!” Sajida “I didn’t know what to expect from Hayley’s Akashic Reading and was a little nervous about what I may discover but I needn’t have been nervous because Hayley is very calming. From the moment she started the reading I felt relaxed and this made me enjoy the experience even more. Hearing all what Hayley had discovered about my past lives was absolutely incredible. It was so insightful to hear about one of my past lives in particular which I realise I have brought trauma through into this life. The reading has helped me to feel more at peace with myself; understanding the reason I am the way I am.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone, even if you are just a little curious. Thank you Hayley, you truly have a gift!”  Melissa


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