Do you want to start feeling more accepting and content within yourself, no matter your relationship status? This beautiful programme will support you to cultivate more self-care and compassion towards yourself so you flow with life and live with more joy.

Lead your life from your heart, enabling you to make decisions that are in alignment to who you truly are at your essence.

Become totally aligned to the love within you and your true heart’s and soul’s desires.

Please see the description below for further programme information.

ALIGN TO LOVE - SOUL LOVE - Powerful 121 heart healing programme with Hayley Felton (Via Zoom)

“I have faced a few challenges over the last 5 years that had left me feeling tired exhausted emotionally numb with a lack of confidence in myself. I had shut myself off emotionally and was not getting any better with the usual counselling therapies and ways. The Align To Love programme has been so good for me. The light switches to understanding have gone on, the patterns and behaviours identified, dealt with and peeled away and an appreciation of my true self found. Hayley has worked magic on me. Through her programme and guidance, I have worked hard on myself and come through feeling the physical and emotional pain. I have found unconditional love and acceptance of myself. With my new knowledge I feel stronger and better equipped to face the years ahead as me and myself being capable and OK. I can now look on the previous years as being the path to an improved self and love of myself. I hope this is not the end and that I can touch base with Hayley now and again. Some of her healing techniques work better than taking pills. Much gratitude and love from me for finding Hayley and benefitting from her special gifts.” - Hazel

ALIGN TO LOVE - SOUL LOVE - Powerful 121 Self Love and healing programme with Hayley Felton Via Google Meet (Similar to Zoom)

Over three months (that's two sessions per month) you will receive a completely tailored to you healing and self development programme which will support you to finally start prioritising you, making self love part of your day to day experience and freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs that stop you living your fullest potential, whilst cultivating a deep level of self acceptance and unconditional love which will ripple out into all areas of your life.

Your Align To Love (Soul Love) Programme is intuitively guided, working with Spirit I will use a combination of transformational tools to support your journey.

As an example, we might first need to understand and transmute a childhood trauma which created false beliefs about yourself that you have carried into adulthood.  Forgiveness may then be required to create a sense of liberation.  Understanding your Soul Frequency or Soul Signature may be invaluable to support you to express the real you more fully then an appreciation of your life path and purpose through your Soul Plan.

You will be given homework including Soul Aligned Actions to implement between sessions so that you can anchor in the energetic shifts and make any necessary changes to support the upgraded relationship to yourself.

Once payment has been made I will be in touch to arrange your session dates at mutually convenient times.

Payment plans can be arranged upon request.

And do please contact me if you have any questions.



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