There are three core 121 ALIGN TO LOVE programmes. 

Become The Love You Seek supports you to heal your heart, release blocks around love and prepare for a soulmate relationship.

Soul Love supports you to create a life that you love so you can fall back in love with your beautiful self regardless of your relationship status.

Sacred Relationships supports you to view your current relationship from the eyes of your Higher Self so you can cultivate more love and balance from a place of empowerment. 


I was single for many years and the ALIGN TO LOVE Course enabled me to create a really powerful relationship.
I was previously attracting the wrong kinds of relationship which didn’t allow me to grow as a person but in my relationship now I can express myself clearly and it now feels really easy! 
This course had such a natural flow, I especially loved the healing meditations and was so supportive in many areas of my life, not just relationships.  I shifted the relationship to myself in a really big way, got clear on the kind of relationship I wanted and how I wanted to be in relationships.  If you’re on the fence about joining, don’t hesitate!


“The ALIGN TO LOVE programme has been so good for me.  The light switches to understanding have gone on, the patterns and behaviours identified, dealt with and peeled away and an appreciation of my true self found. Hayley has worked magic on me. Through her programme and guidance I have found unconditional love and acceptance of myself.
With my new knowledge I feel stronger and better equipped to face the years ahead as me and myself being capable and OK. I can now look on the previous years as being the path to an improved self and love of myself. 
Some of her healing techniques work better than taking pills! Much love and gratitude from me for finign Hayley and benefitting from her special gifts.” 


“Hayley’s ALIGN TO LOVE programme was a really supportive process for me in exploring what I want from new relationships in my life.
It enabled me to challenge some of my deep-seated beliefs about myself, to build my self-esteem and to begin to create a more joyful life. Hayley was incredibly in tune with what I needed in each session. 
There were laughs, tears and a lot of reflection – time was spent where it was needed…I felt completely safe and encouraged every step of the way. I feel like my spirituality has had a real awakening as part of this work. Thanks Hayley – highly recommended!”


“The thing I love about Hayley is she doesn’t judge you at all.  She completely disarms you, which really does put you in a position of being able to relax and dig deep.  I have found my sessions with her life changing”


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